Peace and Tolerance are the messages Tora Woloshin hopes to convey when Jukebox Records releases her latest single, “More Than I Asked For,” on October 1. Not only a peace anthem, this poetic but poppy composition is intended to inspire people to rise up against intolerance and persecution and contribute to making the world a better place. Conveying a simple message in the chorus, “I don’t think it’s right that we all have to fight, this is not what I asked for,” the song is a collaboration with Wayne “Roc” Bolton, who has produced music for Leona Lewis, Shaggy and Trey Songz.

When asked what inspired the song, Tora says, “I was writing a song about the music industry and my dreams when I started to see parallels with the turbulence in the world. I’m not political but I have strong feelings about how religion, or really-people’s intolerance of everyone else’s religion, seems to be at the root of violence and persecution around the world. My hope is that while you are singing along to this song in the car and can’t stop humming it because it’s stuck in your head, that maybe it inspires you to think a little differently or do something positive.”

Crowd reviews from Reverbnation were very positive and rated “More Than I Asked For” as having excellent market potential. According to reviewers, who are not given any information on the artist or producer, “This is the kind of song that stays on your mind a very long time. It ‘s different and fresh, it brings something new to the table.”

“The voice of the artist singing is so full and clear. She hits all the right notes, she has a great falsetto and her tone is special and reminds me of Nicole Sherzinger.”

“She has a powerful voice and the lyrics are so meaningful and touching.”

“The message of this song really gets through to you.”

“More Than I Asked For” follows Tora’s first release to radio in June of 2012, “Guns and Roses.” G&R was produced by The Fliptones and released by Tora’s former label, Fli Life Music, and did respectfully well for an independent first release, peaking in the 50s on dance charts and #3 for Indie Artists. Still a hit in dance clubs across the country, Jukebox hopes to capitalize on G&R popularity and expand Tora’s fan base into mainstream pop and AC.

Fans saw Tora Woloshin on the inaugural season of Fox Television’s hit reality show, The X Factor USA. She opened the season by wowing all 4 judges with her rousing rendition of the Jackson 5 timeless classic, “I Want You Back.” She was one of the top 8 girls put through to the “Judges Homes” round where she continued to fine tune her skills and was mentored by Simon Cowell who called Tora a “little rock star.” Following her appearances on X Factor and stint with Fli Life Music, Tora continues to write and collaborate with producers on music that will capture the attention of the public.