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The Bay Area based, Tucson, Arizona raised and LA born recording artist, Tora Woloshin is an emerging force on the Pop music scene. With explosive live shows featuring her sexy and soulful vocal tones, she performs today’s top hits along with her emerging hit making original material. Tora has developed a musical style that is a hybrid mix of elite influences such as Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey, Journey, and Michael Jackson. The Tora Woloshin vibe is a powerhouse musical cocktail of Pop, R&B, and Rock.

Tora began singing, dancing, acting and performing at the age of 4. She released her first ep at 10 then another that she wrote at 13. America saw Tora on The X Factor USA and was mentored by Simon Cowell. Following X Factor, Tora signed with a label in Miami and did a small radio tour when her song hit stations worldwide. After going independent she choreographed and produced a tour in China. She toured with grammy nominated artist, B.o.B., and opened for Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Method Man and more. After releasing her album, Tiger, Woloshin began to invent a new genre. Within this genre are pure vocals (no autotune), and raw self-made productions (occasionally featuring some of her friends’ music. Tora graces two other projects with her riveting vocals and arrangements: band, Queen Machali and folk duo, Going To Hogwarts. Not only musical, Tora has many hobbies such as: Farming, Training horses/dogs, Racing cars, making stage wear for her performances and has also been a chef for over 15 years. Tora’s main goal in life is to save the world through her music and organization, REV Motion. 

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